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Website / Forum / Wiki Update 2019
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Author:  Mystic [ Mon May 13, 2019 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Website / Forum / Wiki Update 2019


Our web host has taken it upon themselves to discontinue a portion of the software that this website uses for it's Forums, Website and Wiki.

Rather than require an update to continue using this software, they decided to charge me a monthly fee for special maintenance to continue to operate with the "antiquated" software, as they call it. And not just one fee, oh no, a fee for the forum, a fee for the website and a fee for the wiki to have it continue running.

Instead of contacting me, they decided to bill me for this "service".

I have successfully stopped any future charges, and have proceeded to update the website and forum to the latest versions. There is still quite a lot of work to update the Wiki to the latest version, but it will be done.

While I agree that technology should always be "cutting edge", I don't feel that a simple forum or wiki site should require the absolute latest software updates, especially since some plugins and addons haven't even been updated from the developers to work with these new versions.

So that's about it for the update. I'll continue working on the site to get it at least functional.

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